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Bike Trip Blessing 2014

blessingPastor Monica Dawkins-Smith blessed the PA-to-DC riders and their journey on the lawn in front of Faith United Church of Christ with this wonderful prayer that we can all carry with us.

May God bless you and keep you safe on this journey.
May you encounter God…
in your travels,
in the freedom of the open road,
in the whispers of Creation,
in the hospitality of each person you meet,
in conversations with lawmakers about climate change.
May God’s protective care enfold you as you venture upon every road and trail.
May God’s mercy, grace and love shine upon you every moment of each day and bring you safely home to loved ones.
In Christ’s name, Amen.

You can catch video of part of the blessing and of the hymn (For the Beauty of the Earth — we sang verses 1-4) on YouTube, too.   And Connie Larkman used the prayer beautifully to provide the structure for her article on the cyclists on the national United Church of Christ site.

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singingguest post: Jon Brockopp

So here we are once again at Bethany and Micah’s (and Benjamin’s) in McAlevy’s Fort. People are singing, relaxing and enjoying themselves after a good ride from State College. I still can’t quite believe that we ALREADY reached our goal of $6,000 for PA Interfaith Power & Light. The last check came at our send-off: from Pastor Steve and Lois Lynn. From first to last, thank you all for this Continue reading

Rider Profile: Ed Perry


Meet Ed Perry, sixth in our get-to-know-the-riders series.  The 2014 PA-to-DC ride  will take place May 2-6.  

As a life-long fisherman, hunter and backpacker I’ve spent more than my fair share of time outdoors. We’ve always been an “outdoor family.”  In fact, our garage looks like a sporting goods store with skis, backpacks, fishing and hunting gear, scuba gear, kayaking equipment, and our Continue reading

Rider Profile: Jon Brockopp

Jon Brockopp on bikeMeet Jon Brockopp, fifth in our get-to-know-the-riders series.  The 2014 PA-to-DC ride  will take place May 2-6.  

When I was 12, I began taking long rides on my bike as a way of getting out of a tension-filled house – the solitude, the beauty, and the adventure were a comfort to me, as was the simple rhythm of peddling along. By the time I was a freshman at Purdue University, I was riding home for the weekend: 180 miles round trip. After college, I took a 2,000 mile solo ride up the East Coast.

I have very fond memories of those long trips, of having the time to think about God and my place in creation, especially of seeing the Spirit at work in chance encounters along the Continue reading

Rider Profile: Janet Swim


Today, meet Janet Swim in the fourth profile in our get-to-know-the-riders series.  The 2014 PA-to-DC ride  will take place May 2-6.  

I spend most of my day thinking about environmental sustainability and, in particular, climate change.  I think about it as part of my work, as a Social Psychologist at Penn State, studying how to encourage scientifically grounded public discourse climate change, individual actions to reduce our personal contribution to climate change, and collective action to adopt policies and procedures to address climate change.   I also think about it when I make decisions about my personal everyday actions and civic activities.  Because I have attended religious services all of my life, it is not surprising that my thoughts and actions would be a part of my spiritual life as well.

There are two aspects of religion that motivate my actions. First, my experience with religions Continue reading

Rider Profile: Dorothy Blair

DorothyBlair.BuddhaToday, meet Dorothy Blair as the third profile in our get-to-know-the-riders series.  The 2014 PA-to-DC ride  will take place May 2-6.  

I guess you could say I am an outdoor, adventuresome type.  Adventure to me means traveling through places on bike or foot where the scenery is inspiring, or to where people find satisfaction and meaning in lives totally different from my own.  I joined the Peace Corps back in 1968, right out of college. and spent 2 years working in the Philippines, teaching and helping to create greater food security among the poor. After the Peace Corps and a stint as a social services caseworker I got my PH.D. from Cornell University. and joined the Penn State Nutritional Sciences Dept. and STS Program to teach about nutrition and food security.  I retired in 2012, continuing to work in nutrition abroad, most lately in Mozambique and and Uganda.

Lack of food security, poverty and inequality create hunger, but climate warming is a game changer.  Since 1980, I have taught about the threat of climate change Continue reading