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Preach In: Becoming Better Stewards of the Earth

Please join us for a presentation by a medical doctor from Physicians for Social Responsibility on Climate Change and Health, with explorations of Baha’i texts and teachings about stewardship.  People of all faith traditions are welcome — participate or observe respectfully as you are comfortable..  

We will say special prayers for the earth, read and reflect on the Baha’i Holy Writings on the Creation, ecological balance, and stewardship of the earth.  There will be a presentation on the Effect of the Climate change on our Health by a medical doctor from Physicians for Social Responsibility.

This is an informative program to assist us to do our part to respect, partake, safeguard the environment.  Therefore you are welcome to spread the word and invite anyone who is interested in such a program and topic.

NOTE: The Baha’is of Harrisburg held an event as scheduled during the Preach In weekend in February but slick roads and a discouraging forecast kept a number of people who had planned to attend home.  They have therefore arranged to offer the event again in May (almost always an ice-free month here in PA!).  People of all faith traditions are welcome.  

Using Preach-In as a Springboard

hbg bahai preach in 2014In 2014, the Baha’is of Harrisburg once more participated in the national IPL Preach In on Climate Change, but they decided to use the Preach-In materials as a springboard to go a little deeper this year.  They did a study series of relevant Baha’i scripture, then showed the Chasing Ice DVD twice — once in a public venue (a reservable library room they used for last year’s event) and then also convened at a member’s a home, where they could have a bit more time to both discuss what they had seen in depth. That meeting was on a weeknight at dinnertime — with Bring Your Own Pizza solving the dinnertime food challenge.*

The group reports: Together we studied the Baha’i Holy Scriptures on how to become better stewards of the earth on principles such as: origin of the universe, nature, ecological principles Continue reading

Preach-In: movie, munchies, and public health


2013 Baha’is of Harrisburg Preach In event

Create a Preach In event for your community. There are lots of options, and lots of support.  We’ll help!

This movie-and-discussion preach-in event with the Harrisburg Baha’i community is open to anyone.  Dr. Jim Jones (Physicians for Social Responsibility, and a longtime Harrisburg  pediatrician) will be on hand for the discussion. Contact info@paipl.org and we’ll connect you with the organizer for directions and details.


Thanks to Hope for Creation, Australia, for permission to repost.  Hope for Creation is a Christian organization, but people of all Abrahamic traditions share the scripture that is the basis of this piece.  The excellent links are also curated by HfC.

Imagine being told that you must live within limits.


Imagine hearing God’s voice saying that you may not consume every last resource in the garden, no matter how attractive, now matter how wonderful its rewards. They are there to be enjoyed, but there are limits.

“You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat.”

Imagine prizing your freedom and your capacity to scoff at limits above obedience. Continue reading

Opening Prayers 2013 Annual Conference: Peter Adriance

image14281The 2013 Annual Conference (One Creation, Many Faiths: A Call to Action on Climate Change) opened with a prayer from each of four faith traditions, selected and offered by our four keynote panelists.  This was the prayer offered by Peter Adriance of the U.S. Bahá’í Office of Public Affairs. (Source links for prayer at end.)

          O Thou kind Lord!  These are Thy servants who have gathered in this meeting, have turned unto Thy kingdom and are in need of Thy bestowal and blessing.  O Thou God! Manifest and make evident the signs of Thy oneness which have been deposited in all the realities of life.  Reveal and unfold the virtues which Thou hast made latent and concealed in these human realities.

          O God! We are as plants, and Thy bounty is as the rain; refresh and cause these plants to grow through Thy bestowal.  We are Thy servants; free us from the Continue reading

Working in unison

Become a Better Steward and Trustee of the Earth
The members of the Baha’i Faith in Harrisburg, PA held a very inspiring and educational event on February 9, 2013 as part of their “Devotionals and Firesides” series. The goal of this event was to study and reflect on the Holy Scripture of the Baha’i Faith which teaches how the universe and the earth were created. The earth was formed very similarly to the human body in that every organ and segment of it has a critically important role for the life of that creation. We also have to understand the importance of the ecological balance of nature which sustains all lives that depend on it.
Also, there were displays with pictures, graphs, and statistics showing the effects of the climate change on the earth. Another display showed examples of how we all can reuse, recycle, and make useful things with those items.
We will have another gathering to see The Hungry Tide DVD sent by Interfaith Power & Light, followed by discussion and planning for future actions and programs. 
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Behzad Zandieh