PA IPL swag

PAIPL signature items available below!

Option #1

image13631For a 50 dollar donation, we will purchase a gently used shirt for you from our local goodwill and apply your choice of these terrific decals (see larger sizes below):

Just let us know your size, color and style preference.

[paypal-donation purpose=”Shirt Option 1″ amount=”50.00″]

Option #2

image13671For a 25 dollar donation, we will apply the decals to your own cotton shirt or tote bag. Just send it to us with instructions of which decals you want and about where you want them.

[paypal-donation purpose=”Tote Bag Option 2″ amount=”25.00″]

Option #3

image1356  image1358For a 15 dollar donation, we will send you one large and one small decal, with instructions for you to apply them to your own cotton products.

[paypal-donation purpose=”Decals Option 3″ amount=”15.00″]

Option #4



For a 100 dollar individual or congregational donation, we will send you a copy of Sally Bingham’s book, Love God, Heal Earth.

[paypal-donation purpose=”Book Option 4″ amount=”100.00″]