Bike Blog 2017.5: People of the Mud

Guest Blogger Ted Jaenicke. We woke up at around 6:00am this morning at the REACH outreach and homeless center affiliated with Christ’s Reformed UCC church in downtown Hagerstown, MD. Members of the church made us a big breakfast, and Pastor Gregg Meserole gave us a blessing to send us on our way. Skies were gray […]

Bike Blog 2017.3: Balance

The word for today is balance. My bike tires are about an inch wide, and as I ride my forward momentum keeps my bicycle up, with only this tiny patch of rubber on the road. 17 cyclists look rather elegant as we glide along the Juniata river. Our balancing act was particularly important today as […]

2017 Bike Trip VIDEOS

Various videos, links posted here — super short snippets from Facebook (you can view even if you’re not on Facebook) #paiplonbikes will bring up cross-posted Instagram videos, too…, and they’re reposted on our Facebook page…until some of the digital natives on the ride can help us post them here. Practice ride 1 Practice ride 2 […]