Bike Blog 2015.8: Reflection

guest post by Peter Buckland (profile) Our ride gave me a lot of time to think about our relationship to the creation. Talking with new friends like Joyce, Ben, and Pam or respected elders like Dorothy and Jon brought me to think so much about the good of the long game of justice and creation […]

Bike Trip 2015.1.5: Sendoff remarks

Thank you for joining us today.  We are here to bless these bicycle riders and wish them Godspeed for their journey.  And, in a moment, we will ask every one of you to help give them our send-off.  But first, we want to share the news about what we are doing. Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & […]

Bike Blog 2015.6: Arrival! (and real pillows!)

We made it! On a warm, but beautiful day we arrived in Washington, D.C. Everyone is safe – tired and sore, but safe. But we cannot quite rest easy yet as we prepare for our all-important visits to our Congressional representatives tomorrow. The day started unusually for us, waking from comfortable sleep in beds with […]

Bike Blog 2015.4: Crossing to MD— and a swim!

Guest blogger: Dorothy Blair (profiles: 2015, 2014) Sunday Morning in Orbisonia: At 6:30AM Karl Raynar roused us out of our sleeping bags with the smell of coffee brewing. Pastor Ed Seeley and his wife Lisa and their cooking crew soon arrived with scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes, home-made maple syrup, yogurt, coffee cake, fruit and […]