Bike Blog 2013.6: Maryland

WE MADE IT! We all arrived, safe and sound. What an exhilarating trip. From Joyce’s gourmet breakfast to our interviews with a national program for PBS, to the heroes’ welcome at Gallaudet, it’s definitely a day I will never forget.  We started the day with lots of coffee and animated conversation with Joyce and Dave […]

Bike Blog 2013.5: Maryland

Editors’ note: pictures will come when we get home and get them in the right format.  For now, you should be able enjoy the videos of the day posted here, and here, and here. Day 4 (Guest blogger: Jess) It’s been like riding into springtime, each day a little warmer, a little greener. We rolled away from our […]

bike trip 2013.4: Headwind!

By unanimous consent, the word for the day is “headwind!” There’s nothing like a stiff breeze to take the pleasure right out of a long downhill glide. For much of the day, we were hunkered down against the wind, when we wanted to have our heads up, enjoying the beautiful scenery. But wind and weather, […]

bike blog 2013.3

Day 2, Saturday April 6.  (guest blogger:  Dave) Everyone slept well at Bethany and Micah’s house after Friday night’s feast, even two-and-a-halfmonth old Benjamin.  After less than twenty miles of biking the previous day, I’d say we were all feeling ready toget on the bikes again.  We even agreed to do some weeding and carrot-thinning […]