In Care of our Common Home #AllAreCalled

*PopeFrancis-01You may have heard that Pope Francis will soon release an important teaching document about ecology and Creation that is expected to address climate change as “one symptom of an unsustainable consumption and wasteful use of resources.” (The document is called an encyclical, which is a formal letter issued by a pope to the Catholic Church concerning moral, doctrinal and disciplinary matters. It is a teaching document for bishops and Catholics everywhere.)

With this encyclical, Pope Francis is creating a beautiful opportunity; while meant for Catholics particularly, his instruction also opens space for all of us to reflect on climate justice, our values, and the teachings of our faiths–to hear the ways in which our diverse traditions speak in harmony and in unison on care of Creation. In this space, we have an opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, linked by our shared calls to care for the earth, care for the most vulnerable, and look together for solutions.

The statement is due out in just under a week – on Thursday, June 18, and will carry the title Laudato Sii: Sulla Cura Della Casa Comune – Praised Be: On the Care of the Common Home.  It will expand on Biblical teaching, and build on work done by Continue reading

Sustainable Generation, Net Metering, and the Public Utility Commission

RachelEPAPittsburghToday PA IPL submitted the following comments to the Public Utility Commission.  If you want to add your name to the coalition’s statements, you can do so through the close of business Friday, May 29.

Read our comments below, including an addendum of the core issues.  The Net Metering Coalition is submitting expanded comments themselves. Continue reading

Job posting!

We are looking for have found and hired a part-time (building to full-time) Executive Director as part of our work to grow our capacity!  Cricket Hunter is looking forward to shifting to a new position as director of Programs and Outreach.

Job Posting
Executive Director – Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light (PA IPL) seeks a dynamic individual, committed to lifting up the moral dimensions of climate change, to serve as Executive Director. PA IPL, one of nearly Continue reading

Bike Blog 2015.8: Reflection

IMG_0059guest post by Peter Buckland (profile)

Our ride gave me a lot of time to think about our relationship to the creation. Talking with new friends like Joyce, Ben, and Pam or respected elders like Dorothy and Jon brought me to think so much about the good of the long game of justice and creation care. On my solo ride from State College to Brunswick, Maryland I saw light glimmer on ululating creeks, passed the remnants of the early 20th-century iron industry , and watched a pileated woodpecker fly over power lines into the canopy . The air surrounded me and graced my brow. I was in the planet, in the creation. I need this place to be whole.

Whether you are a Buddhist, a Mennonite or a Catholic, a Jew or a dyed-in-the-wool atheist, you are dependent on the creation working more or less as it has for the last 10,000 years. The stable climate of the last several millennia has basically made civilization possible. This world is a gift and we should treat it as one. Continue reading

Bike Blog 2015.7: How did those meetings go?

10458433_628364826179_3002541480113022917_nGuest blogger: Joyce Eveleth

11150692_10155701689230105_1978107928440337604_nOn the final eve of our trip we scattered across the Washington area to sleep (in my case) in a super comfy bed with a super awesome friend. With the encouraging words of friends at IPL, free cheese and wine, and some nifty handouts (warning: bad puns ahead) we were prepped to tackle another kind of Hill. The next morning we switched gears (told you) to trade spandex for suits and dresses and talk to our Pennsylvania representatives about the passions and beliefs that led us to pedal over 200 miles to speak with them.

We separated in 3 groups to speak to our 18 representatives and 2 senators to lobby specifically for some important legislation regarding climate change action.  While each team had a different day, I can speak for mine in saying that while each meeting had a vastly different climate, on the whole our messages seemed relatively well-received. One bi-partisan Continue reading